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Inclusion of ALL previous messages in a response

    Date: Sat, 24 May 86 01:55:26 edt
    From: Ralph Seibert <seibert@scrc-pegasus>
    Subject: ExperLink (?) Stuf
    Ralph Seibert
	PLEASE, PLEASE stop the annoying habit of including all of the
previous messages concerning a reply that you are going to give on the
subject.  Most of us sufficiently intelligent to remember what has been
said on a subject that has caught our interest not to have to reread all
of the messages on the subject again.
	If you HAVE to do it, then strip off the headers that have no
value and use only that portion of previous messages you will talk
about.  In fact, the lisp machines will be glad to strip headers for you
if you set the appropriate ZMAIL Init option.

			   Peter J. Gergely