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ExperLink (?) Stuf

    Date: Sat, 24 May 86 01:55:26 edt
    From: Ralph Seibert <seibert@scrc-pegasus>

    ExperLink is a program written by Expertelligence that allows a serial
    connection to the Symbolics and a MacIntosh.  Experlink requires software
    on both the Symbolics and the Mac.

What software do they provide on the Symbolics side?  What does it do, above
and beyond the remote terminal software already provided by Symbolics?

					I have worked with it twice at trade
    shows and it works rather nice.  It is NOT any kind of timeshare system.
    In fact, the maximum number of ExperLinks that you can have is three (3)
    because there are only 3 serial ports on the back of a 367x or 364x.

Presumably that number is now 4, since the serial port on the console is now

    And again as mentioned previously, there is no software that provides resources
    like those on a timeshare, only those provided by remote login and of the
    Experlink software.  If you cannot get Experlink in Japan, try contacting
    Expertelligence here in the states and request some info.  

I wasn't able to determine from your message what advantage there is to using
Experlink as opposed to of simply using an ordinary terminal program for the
Macintosh or using some other ASCII terminal or PC.  How is using Experlink
different?  Could you give us some details on this?