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ExperTelligence Address

The address for ExperTelligence, Inc. is:

559 San Ysidro Road
Santa Barbara CA 93108

I have never used or heard any first hand reports about
ExperLink. I do however have a copy of ExperLisp for
the MacIntosh. I find the quality of ExperLisp to be exceedingly
poor. It has many bugs which cause the system to crash unexpectedly
and lacks many important components needed to make it a useable system
such as a debugger. The system also has very many "size" restrictions
on data structures and storage such as the maximum size of strings, atoms,
arrays, or maximum amount of total string space, etc. Also the garbage
collector is incomplete as it dosn't collect certain kinds of objects such
as arrays. Also lexical scoping is not implemented. All in all I find the
product to be completely useless although fairly expensive. I have compiled
a list whose length is over four pages of bugs and incompleteness in the system.
It seems that ExperTelligence spent most of their effort packing in snazzy bunny
graphics into their system rather than trying to build a solid lisp development
or delivery system.
What disturbed me even further is that I got a recent mailing from them informing me of
upgrades to their system. They wanted more money for the upgrade (even taking
into account that I already purchased their system) than I had originally paid
to purchase the original system directly from them. I do not respect software
vendors who sell incomplete, bug ridden products and then ask you to purchase
a new upgraded product which is has no guarantee against further incompleteness
and bugs.
As I said, I have no first hand experience with ExperLink, only with ExperLisp.
But my experience with the company suggests that you think twice and fully check
out any product before you buy it from ExperTelligence.
-:Jeffrey Mark Siskind