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Re: ExperTelligence

   From: Jeffrey Mark Siskind <qobi@MIT-ZERMATT.ARPA>
   I have never used or heard any first hand reports about
   ExperLink. I do however have a copy of ExperLisp for
   the MacIntosh. I find the quality of ExperLisp to be exceedingly
I'll second that opinion, the copy of ExperLisp that we have at the
lab (v 1.04) has all of the problems described by Jeff PLUS properties
unique to a MacPlus (even more ways to crash, just try invoking the garbage
collector).  The comments on their upgrade policy and checking out the software
before you buy are well worth taking into account.  In short, if you are
looking for cheap access to the lisp machine you may be well advised to look
elsewhere (anyone want to try adding Appletalk protocols to the generic
networking and filesystem, then we could use the Symbolics machines as file
servers for the Macintosh's out there).