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Re: Interfacing 36xx to Laserprinters

OK, I guess I was too vague in my first request for info on having
the 36xx talk to a laserprinter. I do NOT mean a laserprinter hanging
on a Symbolics that other symbolics talk to. Specifically, we have a
Interpress speaking Xerox Laserprinter connected to a Dandylion (also
known as a 'product printer' that all our Xerox machines talk to via
XNS. We have another Xerox Laserprinter that talks press via EFTP. The
questions are: 1. is there some way to convert the screen image into
press format on the symbolics (or interpress). I presume I can write
an EFTP or XNS driver, by the expedience of forwarding the packet to
a UNIX machine that speaks both, so basic comm is not the problem:
formatting is. There are 'send to press printer' functions for
example, but they aren't necessarily what I want...

So, has anyone out there actually fiddled with non-Symbolics laser
printers? By doing this, we can send documents, etc. to our current
laser facilities instead of having to buy something just for the
SYmbolics users....

Thanks in advance.