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ELP interface card for an LGP-1?

Does such a beast actually exist, outside of the fevered brain of
a Symbolics engineer suffering hallucinations?
If it does exist, has anyone got one they'd like to sell us? or
the right incantations to conjure (or torture) one from Symbolics?

Has anyone hooked up an LGP-1 by the parallel port for the DR11C to
the parallel port on the GBUS?

We had, until we disposed of the VAX, the LGP-1 on a DR11-C.
We now have it on a 3640, connected by a 9600 baud serial line.
We'd LIKE to have it on the LP20 on our DEC-20.  This looks like
it could be done with a ELP card for the LGP.
An alternative would be the hookup from the GBUS port on a 3670.

Experience or just discussion would be appreciated.

	Doug Faunt	+1-415-496-4727