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DNA File Fixes

DECnet users - Fixes or workarounds have been found for the two big DNA
file problems I mentioned a few weeks ago.

1) Files that don't end in <CR> are trashed, along with your next file
written.  --  Symbolics has a patch for this.  If you have software
support and DNA 10.33 you should be able to get it.

2) Some files cause DNA protocol errors 10-1020 when you close them.  This
is another wonderful Symbolics "optional default".  It seems that the
DNA-file-access-path :open method (you know, the one that doesn't default
:characters correctly) doesn't default :raw correctly.  Some people at
Symbolics have called the :raw keyword :ascii, in fact the index of the
files and streams book refers to :ascii.  Don't let this fool you, there
is no such open keyword.  However, ":raw nil" in your open options list
will set the default you expected and prevent this problem.

All these bugs are supposed to be replaced with new bugs in Release-7,
still alleged to arive in November.

Many thanx to Bruce Seely and others un-named at Symbolics for hunting down
these bugs in the last couple weeks.  I still think they should distribute
sources for things, I know the amount of time they spent on the phone with
me tracking these down and the amount of time I spent on hold while they
took other people's problem reports.  There is a better way, and Symbolics
just won't use it for some things, sigh.