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Monitor cables

We made monitor cables for all of our machines.  Actually we also built
distribution panels to mount on office walls with outlets for monitors
as well as color cables.

We used HR10-10-P-12P and HR10-10R-12S connectors.  We purchased them
from DECO Electronics 9965 Business Park Av, Suite B San Diego, CA
92131.  (619) 693-1595.  They are about $13 each.

You can use 10 or 12 conductor twisted pair and RG59 or RG58 coax for the
video.  It would be ideal to find a cable with both twisted pairs and
coax.   We just used separate twisted pair cable and coax that we had
around the lab. 

The pins for the connectors/Symbolics terminal/machine  are:

		1 Audio transmit -
		2 Audio transmit +

		3 Serial Biphase txd -
		4 Serial Biphase txd +

		5 Serial Biphase rec -
		6 Serial Biphase rec +

		7 Audio clock rec -
		8 Audio clock rec +

		9 Phase encoded video (coax center conductor)
		10 Video ground (shield of coax)

		11 Serial ground
		12 Ground.

Our technician ran 12 "pig tails" with heat shrink tubing from the
connectors.  The shrink does not have to be heated. It is a tight fit
and they will stay put by themselves.  The pig tails are there because
the connectors are so small that it is next to impossible to scrunch all
the wires from the cable into it.