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Multi-Font Files in Rel-6-7

    Date: Tue, 4 Nov 86 06:38 CST
    From: David D. Loeffler <Loeffler@MCC.COM>

    In Symbolics 3645 1Release 7 Problems0 in Genera 7.0, Mailer 5.2,
    IP-TCP 52.0, microcode 3645-FPA-MIC 394, FEP 127,
    fep0:>v127-lisp.flod(44), fep0:>v127-loaders.flod(44),
    fep0:>v127-debug.flod(31), fep0:>v127-info.flod(44),
    Machine serial number 4864,
    h:>loeffler>patches>release-7>mcc-electric-lisp-mode.lisp, on Dave's HAL 9000:

    We are having 2SERIOUS0 problems with Release 6-7 and multi font files.
    Our group has 51 Symbolics machines.  2 are running release 7 and the
    rest are running release 6.1 with Rel-6-7 loaded.  All of our code
    development uses multi font files and now we have found that the systems
    running Rel-6-7 have their own way of writting out multi font files so
    that they can not be read correctly from Release 6 or Release 7.  These
    files can be read correctly only from other machines running release 6.1
    with rel-6-7 loaded.  

Viewing files written out by Rel-6-7 reveal a "*" being insterted where
normal a "0" is inserted at the being of the file then later in the
file the "*" seem to be inserted at random.

Warning:  If you have MULTIPLE FONT files in Rel 6 the Rel-6-7 system
will screw those files so that Release 7 and Release 6 will not be able
to read them with font shifts in the right places any more.

  -- Dave