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internet standard subnetting

I have an implementation of internet subnetting for release 6, and have
modified the release 7 attempt at subnetting.  The release 7 attempt suffers
from 2 flaws.  It presents a somewhat inconsistent view of subnetting.  For
example, subnetting isn't taken into account in determining the secure
subnets for your site.  The other and more major flaw is that the
implementation bombs out quite ungracefully when there are machines on your
network which use the subnet number as the broadcast address, and which
don't do subnetting.  Any 4.2 BSD Unix based system which doesn't do
subnetting has these characteristic, for example, Suns or RT-PCs.

If you have a Symbolics IP-TCP license and are interested in either of the
above, send me a note verifying that you have such a license.

Mark Bromley