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re: 3600 disk drive problem

>> Tom Wood (taw@fas.ri.cmu.edu) writes:
>>    I've got a drive (an Eagle) on a 3600 that is misbehaving.  Every
>> now and then a disk operation fails (usually a DISK-SEARCH-ERROR or
>> device not mounted).  Every time this happens it is possible to drop
>> into the FEP, type "Show Disk Label 1" (the drive is unit 1) and be
>> rewarded with "Wrong pkid read from header."  (Actually, any FEP
>> command that touches the disk produces this message.)  Sometimes the
>> problem goes a way by itself--sometimes setting the disk type tickles
>> something and the problem disappears.

We also have an Eagle drive as disk 1 on a 3600 that is a bit 'funny'.
Every time the machine is booted, disk 1 complains that it's not 
mounted.  Disk 2 has no problem, and the boot file contains Mount 1 and
mount 2 commands.  To date this has been but a minor annoyance, since
someone has to <resume> from the error trap.  Besides, we all have trouble
getting up and out in the morning.

			- Brian -