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Mods to FTP for character transfers to Unix machines

I have made some modifications to tcp-ftp so that character file
transfers with Unix machines proceed at roughly the same speed as 
lisp machine to lisp machine character file transfers, for both input and
output.  The speedups are due to:

     1) Using image mode and doing new line translation on the lisp machine
	thus avoiding the conversion of the respective new line characters
	to CR LF during the file transfer.
     2) Making the resulting streams fully buffered.  In  the released
	product, transfers from a lisp machine using FTP are unbuffered and
	thus painfully slow.
The actual translation used is

	#\Return    <->   012
	#\Line      <->   015
	#\Backspace <->   010
	#\Tab       <->   011
	#\Page      <->   014
Those of you who have a symbolics ip-tcp license and are interested in
obtaining these modifications may do so by sending me a letter stating
that you have such a license.

Mark Bromley