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TCP/IP between Lispms and Dandelion


We have a DandeLion here for some weeks [trying to install common lisp based
software developed on symbolics] and want to exchange files with our 3600's.
We have managed to tell it that there are some symbolics around, but neither
of them seem to know about their different character sets.

Are there any special entries to be made in the namespace to tell the 3600 to
translate characters, as it does for UNIX? I tried "system type interlisp"
but it won't bother.

Another related problem: We can access lmfs from the xerox, but how to access
files on the xerox from the lispm?

Any hints will be welcome.

	[UUCP:	...!seismo!unido!gmdzi!jc
	 BITNET/EARN:	  gf2002@dbngmd21]