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Submission for slug-info

Path: potomac!daemon
From: TAYLOR%PLU@ames-io.ARPA
Newsgroups: slug-info
Subject: Request for Info on Lisp Machine Window Systems
Message-ID: <139@potomac.dc.ads.com>
Date: 20 Jan 87 20:11:31 GMT
Sender: daemon@potomac.dc.ads.com
Lines: 40

We have been developing a user interface for a planning/scheduling
application on the Symbolics, using Version 6.1 windows and flavors.
For future long term development of the user interface, we are
considering a possible change of the window system, before converting
to Genera 7.0 Dynamic windows and Presentation types.  We have heard
mention of XWINDOWS and are interested in knowing about it and other
"generic" window systems and the trade-offs between specialized
features and portability.
Issues we are looking at:
	o will window system be compatible with a future Common
	  lisp window standard
	o will window system be portable between lisp machines and
	  AI work stations, e.g. Symbolics, TI, LMI, Xerox, Sun, ..
	o how much conversion will be required to go from current
	  implementation, now running under Genera 7.0, to a new
	  window system
	o what are advantages/disadvantages of potential window
	  systems as far as ease of implementation, facilities
	  available to present information to user, use of object
	  oriented techniques, etc
	o availability of potential window systems on the Symbolics

Opinions and recommendations are solicited from Lisp machine users
as to their experience and preferences.  Please respond by e-mail.
I will summarize for this bboard if requested and sufficient responses
are received.  

	Thanks - Will

   Will Taylor - Sterling Software, MS 244-7,
		 NASA-Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA 94035
   arpanet: taylor%plu@ames-io.ARPA 
   uusenet: ..!ames!pluto.decnet!taylor
   phone  : (415)694-6525