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Buying a Lispm Server [?]

Hello Lispm hackers.

My company is just about to buy a server machine for our 18 symbolics machines
and I'm engaged into the decision making process. And now I'm wondering...

Buy a lispm?
	Seems to be the best server for serving lispms only?
What model? 3675?
	... should be a really fast server
What memory needs a server-only machine? 4MB? 8MB? Or even more?
	Will 4MB be sufficient? All our symbolics here have at least 8MB...
	and it will run the mailer, a print spooler, and some goodies :-)
What disk[s]?
	515MB? An eagle? One? Or two in order to keep paging and lmfs apart?
	It should store all sources, the namespace, documentation and even some
	of our projects' files.
What's about backup?
	Is a streamer sufficient? Does a *real* tape drive provide faster
	backup? [Or is it slower?]

Your experience is welcome!
Anybody made some pereformance measures? Some tricks in configuring such a 
server machine? ... besides increasing wired lmfs-buffers and the like...

Thanks a lot

P.S. One minor problem: should one still buy a 3640 today?