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3640's for sale

For Your Information:

Mike Mankin (703) 684-7776 in Alexandria Virginia,
is disposing of 8 variously equipped 3640 systems,
less than one year old, deinstalled from 
government project, at good prices.  He has

4 3640-1611's  (one drive)

4 3640-2611    (two drives)

2 CAD-Buffers with appropriate monitors

Each 3640 has 1 512K word memory board

There are two additional 512K boards.

Some 3640's with tape cartridge drive.

Prices for basic-system (3640-1611)

is 25,000 or best offer.

Mike will be at the Washington DC
SLUG meeting tomorrow or can be reached at the
above number.

Systems have recent maintainance certification