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Submission for slug-info

Path: potomac!daemon
From: daemon@potomac
Newsgroups: slug-info
Subject: Submission for slug-info
Message-ID: <149@potomac.dc.ads.com>
Date: 21 Jan 87 02:06:29 GMT
Sender: daemon@potomac.dc.ads.com
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Path: potomac!daemon
From: Walt Buehring <Buehring%TILDE%ti-csl.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET>
Newsgroups: slug-info
Subject:        Re: Mail From SUN to Symbolics
Message-ID: <140@potomac.dc.ads.com>
Date: 20 Jan 87 20:12:44 GMT
Sender: daemon@potomac.dc.ads.com
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When trying to send mail from a Berkeley UNIX host to a LispM, be sure
that sendmail is defined to use the "tcp" mailer and not the "ether"
mailer.  The "ether" mailer does not follow the SMTP standard because it
terminates lines with just a LF rather than CRLF -- it should be used
only for mail between hosts running Berkeley UNIX.

The "tcp" mailer should be found in /usr/src/usr.lib/sendmai/cf/tcpm.m4
If you don't have source, the important thing is the mailer definition
line (or whatever sendmail calls it) in your sendmail.cf file which
should look like this:

Mtcp,	P=[IPC], F=msDFMueXL, S=<ruleset#>, R=<ruleset#>, A=IPC, E=\r\n

The important bit in the above is E=\r\n which means to terminate lines
with CRLF.  

Of course you will also have to define a seperate "class" for LispM
hosts and in ruleset 0 you must detect a host in this class and dispatch
it to the "tcp" mailer.  What fun... thanks Berzerkly.


Walt Buehring
Texas Instruments - Computer Science Center

ARPA:  Buehring%TI-CSL@CSNet-Relay
UUCP:  {smu, texsun, im4u, rice} ! ti-csl ! buehring