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We have an LGP-1 laser printer hung off a 3600 file server, which services
4-3640's, 2-3620-s, etc.  We have two 3640's running under Gernera 7.0
and the others under the 6-7 compatability package.

When files are hard-copied from the file server or those machines running
the 6-7 compatability package, they are fine.  However, when files are
hardcopied from the Genera 7.0 3640's, 3-4 lines are truncated off the
bottom of each page.

Has anyone else experienced this problem ? Can anyone offer help,
suggestions, sympathy ?

Thanks in advance - Will

   Will Taylor - Sterling Software, MS 244-7,
		 NASA-Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA 94035
   arpanet: taylor%plu@ames-io.ARPA 
   usenet: ..!ames!plu.decnet!taylor
   phone  : (415)694-6525