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RE:1 Experimental0 externsions to color -- bitmap bug in Genera 7.

    Date: Fri, 6 Feb 87 16:37 CST
    From: Wilson M. Michaels <Michaels@MCC.COM>

    There appears to be an slight inconsistancy between bitmaps and color
    windows with regard to the :BIT-ARRAY message.   The color windows
    return an array.  Bitmaps return nil.

      -- Wilson M. Michaels

If you give make-instance of a bitmap the keyword argument :save-bits t,
you should be able to get the bit-array as with a window.  Yes, there is
an inconsistency - color windows have bit arrays if you don't specify
:save-bits t, bitmaps don't.  I can't comment on the reasons for this
difference, but I would reserve judgement about whether it's a bug until
the bitmap software is fully documented and released.