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What Gives? Available libraries

To the kind person who reposted the following message to the complete
SLUG mailing list, without checking on its status, PLEASE check with me

    Date: Sun 10 Nov 85 14:33:27-AST
    From: Peter Gergely <GERGELY@DREA-XX.ARPA>
    Subject: Available libraries
    ReSent-Date: Sat 7 Feb 87 08:01:04-CST
    ReSent-From: CMP.SLUG@R20.UTEXAS.EDU
    ReSent-To: SLUG: ;

    Please contact me at Peter%Griffin@DREA-XX if you would like one or more
    of the libraries described below.

To the many who responded immediately by flooding me with requests, here
is the current status.  The libraries are written in Zetalisp, for
release 6.1.  As Genera 7, with TCP/IP, has not been received at DREA as
of yet (even with a full service hardware/software license), I am
reluctant to distribute the libraries.  If you are still interested in
the libraries, please contact me with which ones, and I will let you
know how and where to get them.  A power failure here corrupted the mail
file, and all previous requests were destroyed, so please quote this

	- Peter