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re: my LMFS blues

    I beat on a contact at SCRC to beat on someone, and one of their hackers
    logs in over the net for a while.  An hour or two later, he hasn't
    gotten any farther, and has to go off to a meeting.

Since at least one person misinterpreted this, let me clarify.  I did not
use the term "hacker", or intend the statement in general, to imply anything
derogatory about SCRC.  I was very appreciative of their efforts, particularly
since this wasn't their responsibility, and it was a hint or two from them
that finally caused me to win.  Chris Jones (the "hacker") might well have
succeeded before me, if he could have used both hands to type, had more time,
and hadn't been working under the fear of only making the situtation worse
(I had forgotten to tell him that I had made a copy of the partition).