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Re: Request: software for using Sym. as printserver


>	We need software for a SUN to allow it to send requests to a Symbolics
>	[...]

I have such a thing running on a LISPM.  It  uses the  standard SUN 3
net spooler and SUN's LaserWriter tools (without  any additional code
on the SUN side) but depends on the LISPM running 
	a) TCP/IP
	b) Symbolics Print-Spooler
	c) Release 7
	d) an Apple LaserWriter (even an LGP-2 will work :-)

I have written it myself and am willing to share it, but currently I'm testing
it and won't distribute it prior to finishing the tests. You may contact me 
again in say about two weeks and I'll mail it to you.


UUCP:	..!seismo!unido!gmdzi!jc@lispm-1
ARPA:	"jc%lispm-1%gmdzi%unido"@seismo.css.gov