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Genera 7: tcp-ip subnetting and terminal emulator problems

I just brought Genera 7.0 up on a pre-existing 6.1 system and
the internet subnetting stopped working.  The Peek window lists
all of the right gateway machines under the interfaces
heading, but it also shows that everything is being routed via LOCAL
(under the subnet routing heading).  As a result, the machine is trying
(unsucessfully) to connect directly to all other machines without routing
through the gateway machines.  Poking through the ip-tcp source code,
there seems to be an undocumented user-property that can be put on the
network object to specify subnetting routes, however the code that
uses the property doesn't make any sense to me.  Does anyone have a
patch for this problem?  Is there a special addition I should have
made to the namespace for Genera 7.0?

Also, the telnet window's emulation of a vt100 is horrible.  Is there
a patch for that too?


Michael Braverman