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Looking for the SLUG Mailing List Chairperson

Hello.  I'm mailing this message to SLUG@R20 to see if I can find
the person who maintains the SLUG network mailing list.  I sent a
request to SLUG-REQUEST on February 2nd but I haven't received a
reply or a mail rejection, so I'm still guessing at these
addresses.  I would appreciate it if someone could give me the
proper address.

We installed our 3620 in early February and would like to be added
to the slug mailing list.  I have already called Rich Cohen and
Terry Thrift to join the organizational SLUG.

My arpanet address is May%pco@bco-multics.arpa for regular mail.
I would like to have the SLUG mail sent to my slug mailbox here on
my host machine.  That is


If the chairperson would send me mail at both addresses, I can
then respond to let you know if my addresses were sucessful.

If you want, I can call you or you can call me at (602) 862-5331.

My snail-mail address is:

  Robert M. May
  PO Box 8000, M/S Z10
  Phoenix, AZ  85066


Bob May