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.dvi ==> PostScript

    Date: Sun, 22 Feb 87 11:51:11 EST
    From: Roy M Turner <royt%gatech.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET>

    We are trying to find software that will allow us to run TeX
    on a Sun, creating a .dvi file, then send the .dvi file to 
    a LaserWriter (via a Symbolics computer).  We have most of 
    what we need (or rather, have pointers to kind souls who can
    provide us with most of what we need! :-) ), but still need
    a program to translate .dvi files to PostScript files.  This 
    can be for either the Sun or the Symbolics.  Any pointers to
    where to find such a thing?  

A UNIX dvi to postscript converter is available from pub/dvi2ps.tar
via ftp access (as user ftp) on hermes.ai.mit.edu.

A Lisp Machine dvi to generic hardcopy interface (includes postscript)
converter is available from /u/cjl/public/dvi-stream.rel7-info and
/u/cjl/public/dvi-stream.rel7-lisp (or in rel6 format) via ftp access (as
user anonymous) on prep.ai.mit.edu

In addition, A Lisp Machine DVI previewer that uses the above program is
available from /u/cjl/public/dvi-previewer.rel7-lisp on prep as well.

I will mail the lisp machine programs via electronic mail to people who can't
get internet access, but the UNIX program is much larger, so I will not mail