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Re: Fonts (in any size and any face!)

Regarding (large) fonts:

METAFONT is a tool to create any  fonts of  allmost any  shape from a
generic font description.  (See "The METAFONTbook" by (the) Knuth, in
his Computers and Typesetting Series, Addison Wesley, ISBN
0-201-13445-4, which gives a very nice introduction. 

Roughly, a meta-font is to a font, what a  flavor is  to an instance.
I.e.  from a meta-font you may  get actual  fonts at  any size, bold,
italic, slanted with or  without serifs,  or whatever  you'll want.

And your Lispm reads (some of) those formats produced by METAFONT (at
least it did read the pxl files in 6.1, you may have to check, wether
this is true for 7.0 too.  

METAFONT comes in Pascal source on any TeX distribution tape.   It is
in the public domain.  If you  have a  Pascal Compiler,  you might be
able to get it running on your Lispm.  I don't  have the  time to try
it out, but  would be  *really* interested  in a  version of METAFONT
running on a Symbolics.  

Imagine:  lots of pretty fonts for your Lispm, in all sizes/faces and
the  same  set  of fonts  (properly enlarged)  for your Laserprinter.
That's the way, it would like it to happen, not this inconsistent and
incomplet set of fonts supplied by Symbolics.