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Character styles

Character style codes such as you've been seeing are written into files
if (a) the file is a text file, (b) the system doing the writing is
running Genera 7.0, and (c) there is at least one character in the file
whose style is not NIL.NIL.NIL.  In other words, if you use "fonts" in
your text file and write the file with 7.0, those codes are used. 
They're present in order to remember which characters are in which
character style.

If you read such a file back in with 7.0, you'll just see all the
characters in their appropriate styles, and you won't see the codes at
all.  The same is true if you read such a file with Release 6, and
you are running with the Release-6-7 compatibility system loaded.

You will actually see the raw codes if you use Release 6 without the
compatibility system (not recommended), or if you examine the files
using some other operating system.  For example, if a Release 7 system
write out a file onto a Unix file server, and you use Unix's own text
editor to examine the file, the codes will be visible.

If you actually have a case in which a perfectly-OK file is written from
7.0, and then it is read back into 7.0, and the codes are visible, then
there is a bug, and it should be reported.  It doesn't sound like
anything I've ever heard of.