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    The standard families are :FIX, :DUTCH, and :SWISS.  The standard faces
    are :ROMAN, :ITALIC, :BOLD, and :BOLD-ITALIC.  The standard sizes are

    However, some of these are not supported on the LGP-1 or the DMP1;
    all of them are supported on the LGP-2; I believe this is a deficiency.

I'd like to add that for all of the sixty styles defined by the
combinations of the above, there is a defined screen font.  All of the
screen fonts contain all the right characters, the baselines are now set
consistently, and so forth.  This is also a real advance over previous
releases.  :DUTCH and :SWISS are basically what people often call "Times
Roman" and "Helvetica", but those names are protected by copyright, so
we use the more generic names (as most companies do).  I hope this is helpful.