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Dynamic Lisp Listener output history got discarded.

Boy am I mad!   

I tried to look for a string in the output history of Dynamic Lisp
Listener 1 using the s-R key to do a reverse search for "defflavor".  It
blew out into the debugger with an AR-1 reference error.   I hit the
abort key and lost ALL of the input history.    As a result I don't have
any way of getting the details to you in this bug report.   While it was
running I observed that it had found the word "define:" and had started
to reverse video the letters "def".   As it ran it added the next letter
to the reverse video area at the rate of one letter every couple of
seconds.   Of course all the letters after the "def" were not in the
string I had specified when I started the reverse search.   When it had
reversed video the whole line ending with "define:" it went to the

A patch to fix the problem or a procedure to recover the output history
would be helpful.

  -- Wilson M. Michaels