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Character styles

    Date: Thu, 26 Feb 87 22:55:35 -0100
    From: unido!gmdzi!jc@seismo.CSS.GOV (Juergen Christoffel)

    That's  the  way  I really  like it.   It  is annoying  how fonts are
    'supported' by Symbolics.  Starting back in the old days with Release
    4.x,  where  I even  had to  provide a  reader macro  for the epsilon
    escape to allow loading of source files written  with multiple fonts.

For the lisp machines this default predates the founding of Symbolics by
a couple of years at least.  Even then there was a history of PDP-10
text formatters using  as a font-shift character.

This is not a comment on the dubious taste of multiple fonts in source
code, but merely a lifting of the blame.