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    Date: 22 Apr 1987 12:29-EDT
    From: VERACSD%A.ISI.EDU%unido@gmdzi

    I'm interested in converting Symbolics screen dumps into MacPaint
    documents.  Theoretically, this appears *straightforward*, but I
    suspect it may be hairy.

This really should be straightforward. See the June 1986 issue of Byte;
there appeared an article describing how to convert MacPaint files to
a format suitable for IBM PC's. It explained the format used by MacPaint
to compress its data, which is rather simple. Obviously the 'format' of
Symbolics' bitmaps is as simple as one could whish(?).

But doing it this way limits the size of bitmaps you may use. There
might be a better solution. I assume that you want to include those
bitmaps into text produced on the Mac:

You may take the PostScript output produced by the Symbolics and take
the PostScript output produced by your Mac editor and combine them to
produce the output you want. We actually do this with output from
TeXtures, which runs on a Mac.