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Symbolics & Sun-3 + Lucid Dev Envs

I'm interested in the viability of the Sun-3/160 running Lucid Common Lisp
(with Lucid's version of Flavors) as a Lisp development environment.
My standard for the comparison are Symbolics 36xx's, which I have a 
strong predilection toward.

I'm especially interested in opinions/remarks by experienced Symbolics
programmers who have used Sun-3's with Lucid for more than a few hours.
Some specific areas I would like to see addressed are:

	o the completeness is Lucid's Flavors
	o the quality of editing and debugging tools
	o gc
	o major wins/losses vis-a-vis Symbolics
	o rough estimate of development time vis-a-vis Symbolics

I will be glad to summarize and post if the response warrants it.

-- Cris Kobryn

Cris Kobryn                 		ARPA:     VERACSD.CK@A.ISI.EDU
Advanced Systems Development		BELL:	  (619)457-5550	
9605 Scranton Rd., Suite 500
San Diego, CA  92121