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Symbolics & Sun-3 + Lucid Dev Envs

    Date: Tue, 12 May 87 17:21 EDT
    From: Cliff Lasser <CAL@Think.COM>

    I think the major advantage of a Sun with Lucid Lisp over a 3600 is
    price of the hardware.  Most software managers do not appreciate the
    difference a 3600 can make in software productivety.  It's can be hard
    to justify a $50K system for a 3600 when a $10K (or less per user) Sun
    also "runs" Lisp.

Would you please explain why you put the word "runs" in double-quotes?

A minimum-reasonable Symbolics configuration these days costs $35,900.
What do you consider a minimum-reasonable (for Lisp) Sun configuration?
If your configuration is diskless, please include the configuration of
the paging server and how many such diskless configurations it supports.