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growing the control stack

    Date: Fri, 8 May 87 13:05 N
    From: <DESMEDT%HNYKUN53.BITNET at wiscvm.wisc.edu>

    Does anyone know how to grow the control stack BEFORE it
    overflows?  I get about 10 consecutive control stack overflow
    messages which I have to RESUME before my program can run

You could handle the condition SYS:PDL-OVERFLOW yourself of grow the
stack before running.  Look at the code for that condition, or the
stack-growing code in the debugger sources.

	       Moreover, I want to use that program from the Vax by
    means of an EVAL-SERVER.  It doesn't seem to be possible to handle
    errors in that mode of operation.  (on 3670, release 6.1)

Wrap a condition-case or condition-bind around your code.  This has
nothing to do with whether it's running via EVAL service or not.