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Symbolics LISP Users Meeting

				 SLUG 87

		   Symbolics LISP Users Group Meeting

			     July 6-10, 1987

The Third Annual  Symbolics LISP  Users Group  Meeting will  be held  in
Seattle, Washington  at  the  University  of  Washington from July 6-10,
1987.  This is the week before the AAAI Conference, so participants  can
coordinate their travel plans  if they plan  to attend that  conference.
Inexpensive accommodations on  the university  campus are  available and
can be reserved on the registration form that is being mailed out.


The first  two  days  of  the  Meeting  will  be devoted to full-day and
half-day tutorials.  Below is a list of tutorial topics:
  Tutorial					  instructor
  AI Program Design (Monday -- F)		  Elaine Rich
  Overview of Site Administration (Monday -- F)	  Symbolics Ed. Services
  Color Graphics   I  (Mon. - a.m.)		  Dave Dyer
  Color Graphics  II  (Mon. - p.m.)		  Dave Dyer
  Color Graphics III  (Mon. - p.m.)		  Symbolics Graphics
  Introduction to ART (Tuesday -- F)		  Inference Corporation
  Building Knowl. Sys. Interfaces (Tues. - a.m.)  IntelliCorp
  Programming Productivity  I (Tues. - a.m.)	  Symbolics Ed. Services
  Programming Productivity II (Tues. - p.m.)	  Symbolics Ed. Services

Elaine  Rich,  from  MCC,  is   author  of  the  textbook,   "Artificial
Intelligence".   Dave  Dyer  is  the  principle  software  developer  of
Symbolics color  graphics  system  software.   The  tutorials  taught by
Inference and IntelliCorp will  feature their expert  system development
tools, ART, and KEE, respectively. 


The remaining three days  of the Meeting  will feature presentations  by
users and members of the Symbolics technical staff.  Planned topics 
    * New Product Announcements
    * Networking
    * Expert System Tools and Environments
    * The SLUG software library
    * The Common Lisp standard and proposed extensions to it
    * "Programming Pearls" on the Lisp Machine
    * Software Engineering Methodology in Genera 7


Registration for the conference is $90.  Each full-day tutorial is  $90,
and each half-day tutorial is $45.  Registration forms are being  mailed
out concurrent with  this announcement.   Requests for  additional forms
and questions concerning the conference and tutorials should be directed
	Martin Purvis
	SLUG-87 Chairman
	Computer Science Department
	2.124 Tayor Hall
	University of Texas
	Austin,  TX  78712 USA
	(512) 471-9555

Questions concerning registration and housing should be directed to:
	Conference Management/SLUG
	University of Washing, GH-25
	Seattle, Washington 98195 USA
	(206) 543-2300