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Re: Symbolics & Sun-3 + Lucid Dev Envs

					   Getting back to lots of
	processes in separate spaces also seems nice after living in
	a one address space world for a while.

    I find this statement rather odd.  Have you never wanted to take
    what one program printed onto your screen and copy it into your
    editor buffer?

While there are undoubtedly many wonderful advantages to a
one address space world, the example that you give is not
one with which I any longer have any problem, though
admittedly I used to when using a Dec 2060.  Using Gnu
Emacs, I very frequently take what one program prints on my
screen and copy it into an editor buffer.  The reason is
that I run almost all my Unix processes, including Lisp, in
"shell mode," which makes all the IO go through an Emacs
buffer, where the IO can be picked up with the usual Emacs
editing commands and moved to other buffers with the
greatest of ease.