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Symbolics FTP Server bug

There is a bug in the Symbolics TCP FTP server.  It fails to accept
valid MODE and STRU commands from the remote user.  This, in turn,
causes TOPS-20 systems to be unable to do remote directory lists of
directories on Symbolics machines.

The bug is the result of the conversion of the IP-TCP code from Zetalisp
to Common Lisp.  Two occurences of MEMBER were left unchanged, which
meant that comparison of string arguments to the MODE and STRU commands
changed from using EQUAL to using EQL.  This caused all arguments to
these commands to be rejected.

The fix is to look at the file SYS: IP-TCP; FTP-SERVER, and change the
the two calls to MEMBER  in the file to include the keyword argument

	(MEMBER X '("B" "S"))

should be (something like (isn't copyrighted software wonderful to deal


We encountered the bug in 7.0, but it does not appear to have been fixed
in 7.1.

-- Clive Dawson