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Announcement of a free TeX distribution for Symbolics Genera 7.1

This is an announcement of a free TeX distribution for machines running
Symbolics Genera 7.1.

The distribution includes:

  TeX, LaTeX, SliTeX, BibTeX, and YTeX
  A DVI Previewer for interactively viewing DVI files.
  A full set of screen resolution CM fonts for the DVI Previewer.
  A ZMACS major mode for editing TeX files.
  Integrated hardcopy of DVI files using the hardcopy system, so all you
    have to do is type "Hardcopy File" and your DVI files are printed.
  Integrated pre-loading of formats, so all you have to do to get TeX loaded
    is a single "Load System" command.
  A full set of CM fonts for the Symbolics LGP2 printer.

To use the software you need to be running Genera 7.1, Symbolics Pascal, and
the Symbolics LGP2 printer driver software if you want to print out DVI files
on your LGP2.  This software will not work in Genera 7.0 or any earlier
release, nor will it work if you don't have Symbolics Pascal.

The distribution takes two cartridge tapes.  Arrangements are being made so
that the tapes will be distributed through the SLUG library. If everything
goes as planned, tapes will be available at the SLUG conference in July.