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SLUG mailings - Do you want to be on the list?

If you are on SLUG's (non-electronic) mailing list, you should have gotten
a couple of letters in the last couple of weeks about the upcoming conference.
Next week there will be a mailing of membership applications and a ballot.

If you did not receive a mailing and you want to get the membership
application or information about the conference, please send your name
and mail address to me (Tyson@STRIPE.SRI.COM on the Arpanet) and I will
see it gets included.  If for some reason you can't send electronic mail
to me, please send physical mail to

		Mabry Tyson
		SRI International
		333 Ravenswood Avenue
		Menlo Park, CA  94025

(Normally you would send such requests to
		1430 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 306-108
		Cambridge, MA  02138
but that would involve some extra delay at this point.)

For those of you with foreign addresses, please be very specific in your
mailing as I don't know the various formats of mail addresses around the