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Digest Construction in ZMAIL?

    Date: Fri, 29 May 87 15:56 EDT
    From: "Barry Margolin" <barmar%Think.COM%unido@gmdzi>

    Sorry, I've never actually used the command, I just saw it in the
    documentation or in an Apropos command.  Did the "Digest Template?"
    question provide completion?

I tried this beforehand; it doesn't provide completion. If you type 
to the prompt, it says "There are no possible digest templates." I also
browsed through sys:zmail;template-library.lisp but found nothing
concerning digests. Finally I tried to use some of the reformatting
templates, but this didn't work either.

There is no documentation (and ZMAIL source isn't available as a means
of documentation), so my last resort was to ask.