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Re: pretty fonts in sources

    Date: Tue, 2 Jun 87 12:24+0100
    From: "Juergen Christoffel" <unido!gmdzi!LISPM-1!JC@seismo.css.gov>


       Electric Font Lock Mode doesn't work in Release 7 anymore. Seems that
    Symbolics hadn't had any time to convert this to Release 7. Or is it,
    because it should really be named Electric Style Lock Mode :-)...

Genera 7.1 has Electric Character Style Lock Mode, which I think
supports your for suggestion that they just didn't have time to convert
it for 7.0.


    But be warned: there are some subtle bugs due to character styles in
    source code. Those two lines look the same to you
	    (chaos:connect net:*local-host* "FOO")
	    (chaos:connect net:*local-host* 1"FOO"0)
    but not to the machine, because they are written in different styles
    (namely NIL.NIL.NIL vs. FIX.ROMAN.NIL) and those strings "FOO" are
    passed *with* style information into the lisp environment - I'd call
    this brain-damaged!

Yes, there seem to be a bunch of bugs related to fat strings being
passed to functions that expect thin strings.  We had lots of problems
here during our conversion to 7.0 because some people liked to put all
their source files in bold.