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Re: misc. annoyances

> Date: Tue, 2 Jun 87 11:30:36 pdt
> From: king@kestrel.ARPA (Dick King)
> Well, the editor isn't reentrant.  Again.  [...]

It seems to work to call the editor's top-level function recursively.
In fact, I define in my ZMACS-INIT file a simple function called
ZBREAK that you can call from Breakpoint ZMACS level to reenter the
editor, and a ZMACS command bound to RESUME that returns to the
    (defun zbreak ()
      (catch 'zbreak (zmacs-window-top-level)))
    (defun zresume ()
      (throw 'zbreak t))
    (defcom com-zresume "Resume from a ZBREAK" ()
      (barf-on-errors (sys:throw-tag-not-seen) (zresume)))

This still seems to work, at least as of Release 7.0.  Given that this works,
it couldn't be too hard for Symbolics to make c-E enter the editor recursively
and typein a message saying "Type <Resume> to return to the debugger."