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Re: Symbolics & Sun-3 + Lucid Dev Envs

    Date: Mon 18 May 87 20:02:58-CDT
    From:  Bob Boyer <AI.BOYER@MCC.COM>
						 Sucking a large
    Lisp system into (Gnu) Emacs happens on a Sun-3/52 in a
    jiffy rather than taking a while, it seems, on a 3640; I
    realize that the Symbolics is doing more, but I like the
    things that I do most often to happen quickly, and sucking
    in the sources is one of them.  

I find I don't actually read in sources all that often, perhaps
because I only boot about once a month.  (That's about how often
we generate new worlds around here)  I can do that because
of the large address space and the EGC.  I sometimes will do a
(gc-immediately) before going home, but otherwise don't use the
dynamic GC.

I'm curious how often customers (that is, all you guys)
end up booting their (your) machines, and what you boot them for.

I guess I'm also curious about how often people end up booting
Sun's.  That is, booting Lisp on a Sun, I don't care about Unix,
(or the FEP, which I consider to be about equivalent ;-).

				       Getting back to lots of
    processes in separate spaces also seems nice after living in
    a one address space world for a while.

I find this statement rather odd.  Have you never wanted to take
what one program printed onto your screen and copy it into your
editor buffer?

I would guess this has something to do with your program-development
workstyle.  Does this suggest some tools that we should consider