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SUN diskless notes & TCP/IP errors

Hello netlanders,

I get a lot of error messages of the following kind on my LISPM:

"IP Error 3 2:  IP>     0 (0:28) (protocol 77)"
"IP Error 3 2:  IP>     0 (0:28) (protocol 77)"
and also 
"IP Error 3 2:  IP>     0 (0:28) (protocol 77)"

This seems to happen each time one of the diskless SUNs at our site get
booted. I don't know enough about IP to decode these messages. Because
we have some of these beasts, I get this messages (two for each boot)
rather often and I'm starting to loose my humor about that.

BTW: IP addresses and are not in use at our
site, but is a SUN. 

What's happening? Does anybody know who's responsible for this? Is it a
failure of my LISPM to tell me about that? or should I the SUNs?

Any suggestions?