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Booting Lisp Machines

    Date: Thu, 4 Jun 87 23:13 EDT
    From: Robert W. Kerns <RWK@YUKON.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>

    I'm curious how often customers (that is, all you guys)
    end up booting their (your) machines, and what you boot them for.

Our machines are booted several times a day.  We have many more users
than machines, so people have to sign up for machine hours.  Users
rarely sign up for less than two hours, and usually more. People almost
invariably boot a machine when they get on it, because everybody extends
our research tools in a different way, and some people use systems that
are in different worlds. It's fair to say that every machine gets booted
at least once or twice a day.  That doesn't include our servers, which
stay up until they crash or we need to build new server worlds.

Command: (apply 'chaos:uptime (net:get-local-lispms))
Host Name                Time up                  
KOALA                    1 hour 11 minutes 43 seconds
POLAR                    6 weeks 2 days 29 minutes 57 seconds
GOLDILOCKS               6 days 20 hours 18 minutes 37 seconds
YOGI                     4 hours 46 minutes 44 seconds
PANDA                    50 minutes 40 seconds
SMOKEY                   41 minutes 15 seconds
WINNIE-THE-POOH          22 hours 21 minutes 16 seconds
GRIZZLY                  1 hour 6 minutes 58 seconds
BOO-BOO                  4 hours 2 minutes 28 seconds

Polar and Goldilocks are servers, obviously.