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PASCAL for running TeX and other code developed under PASCAL ...

    Date: Monday, 8 June 1987  10:40-EDT
    From: Richard Billington <Buff at cis.upenn.edu>
    To:   slug at r20.utexas.edu
    Re:   PASCAL for running TeX and other code developed under PASCAL ...
    Posted-Date: Mon, 8 Jun 87 10:40 EDT
    ReSent-Date: Mon 8 Jun 87 11:59:44-CDT
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        "the way things should be is that the Pascal system should only be
         necessary for compiling and debugging Pascal programs, and either
         the standard world load or an essentially-free runtime support
         system be all that's need to run Pascal programs like TeX."

    I'd agree with this. I think this is in Symbolics interest, especially in
    light of the SUN vs. SYMBOLICS discussion that's been going on. Symbolics
    should promote the distribution of code that runs on their machines as much
    as possible no matter what general-purpose language was used to develop it.
    That is, if one develops code on a unix-like machine, the binaries are all
    that are required to run it (assuming no proprietary libraries are linked
    in). A similar capabality is highly desireable with a lispm.

I strongly second this.  Is there any chance this will happen?