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TeX major mode for ZMACS

    Date: Thu, 18 Jun 87 10:43:23 EDT
    From: royt@pravda.gatech.EDU (Roy M Turner)

    Would it be possible to get a TeX major mode for ZMACS from you (or from
    one of the other SLUGgers out there)?  Thanks!

It will be available at the SLUG conference as part of the TeX distribution 
contribution to the SLUG library, but if you can't wait, you can FTP
reagan.ai.mit.edu:>sys>r7>tex>tex-mode.lisp. Anonymous works as a username on

Besides loading the tex-mode file, If you're not also running TeX on the
machine, you also need to do:

(zwei:def-tex-mode :tex "TeX")
(pushnew '(:tex . :tex) fs:*file-type-mode-alist* :test #'equal :localize 2)