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SLUG '87 Reminder

This is a  reminder that the  national meeting of  the Symbolics  Lisp
Users Group will be held in Seattle, July 6-10th.  You may register in
advance by calling the University of Washington Conference  Management
Office at (206) 543-2300.

Recent postings to this  list have been  concerned with the  technical
trade-offs between  Lisp development  on  the Symbolics  Lisp  Machine
architecture and conventional workstation architectures (e.g. UNIX  on
68020-based  machines).   Your  attention  is  called  to  the   panel
discussions on Thursday  and Friday  (in the  schedule listing  below)
that will examine these issues.

As in the past, numerous Symbolics personnel will be present to answer
your questions and  gather feedback  from the  user community.   There
will be more than 20 members of the Symbolics technical staff on hand,
including Dan Weinreb, Howard Cannon, Steve Sneddon, Dave Plummer, and
other illustrious LISPM wizards.  Rich Lamson, co-author of the second
edition of LISP LORE,  will be the instructor  for the advanced  Lispm
course, "Programming Productivity II".  Copies of the new book will be
available for purchase at the conference (you may even be able to  get
it autographed).

This is THE Lisp machine conference.  Don't miss it!


		  July 6-10, 1987 - Seattle, Washington

  MONDAY -- (tutorials)
	   Registration desk opens
      9:00 to 12:30
	  * AI Program Design
	  * Overview of Site Administration
	  * Color Graphics I
      2:00 to 5:30
	  * AI Program Design (cont'd)
	  * Overview of Site Administration (cont'd)
	  * Color Graphics II
	  * Color Graphics III

  TUESDAY -- (tutorials)
	   Registration desk opens
      9:00 to 12:30
	  * Programming Productivity I
	  * Introduction to ART
	  * Building Knowledge System Interfaces
      2:00 to 5:30
	  * Programming Productivity II
	  * Introduction to ART (cont'd)
      7:00 - 9:00

  WEDNESDAY -- (conference sessions)
	   Registration desk opens
      9:00 to 12:30
	  * Welcome & Opening remarks
	  * State of SLUG
	  * Symbolics Corporate Status Report
	  * Software & Hardware Support
	  * Technical Status Report
	  * New Product Announcements
	  * General and Reverse Q & A
      2:00 to 6:00
	  * Software Engineering on LISP Machines
	  * Symbolic Computing for New Users
	  * General Technical Q & A
      Evening --  BOAF's (Birds Of A Feather)
	  * Critique of the Symbolics User Interface -- GNU EMACS and HP's 
	      NMODE both present a novel way of interacting with LISP.
	      Is the LISP machine paradigm better?  This meeting will drive
	      tomorrow afternoon's
	  * New user training: Sharing insights, techniques, and introductory
	    materials for new users.
	  * Symbolics maintenance issues.
    THURSDAY -- (conference sessions)
      9:00 to 12:30
	  * Common LISP -- What is the status of Common LISP the Language?  
	      Classes?  Common Windows?  Error handling?
	  * SLUG Library -- What's new and available?
	  * Networks -- VMS, UNIX, DECNET, IP-TCP, Namespaces, 
	      Domain Resolution, etc.
	  * Non-LISP Language Support -- PROLOG, ADA, FORTRAN, PASCAL, C, etc.
      2:00 to 5:30
	  * LISPM pearls -- An informal presentation of useful but little 
	      known LISP machine features and capabilities.
	  * Critique of the Symbolics User Interface -- See yesterday's BOAF.
	  * Technical Q & A
      Evening -- SLUG Committees, BOAF's
	  * SLUG '88
	  * Library
	  * Membership/Chapter Services
    FRIDAY -- (conference sessions)
      9:00 to 12:30
	  * Trade-offs in LISP (development) environments -- This is a panel
	      discussion of the differences between developing LISP software 
	      on different workstation architectures.
	  * Conference Summary & Feedback
	  * SLUG Business Meeting
      2:00 to 3:30
	  * Expert Systems Session