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who calls me & who do I call

Hi - does anyone know how to access the who calls database?
I want to use it as part of a program so the si:who-calls function
which prints out its results is not good. I want the results as
a list. I also would like an inverse function which given
a function spec can return the list of all other function specs
which it calls. Finally does anyone know of a function which
can take a Zmacs buffer (or file) and return a list of all
the specs of all functions (and methods and macros) defined in
that buffer/file? All this will be used for some profiling tools
which will display a graph of function calling hierarchy of
functions defined in a file along with percentage time spent
in each function during execution. Anyone who responds with
helpfull info will be rewarded with a *free* copy of this
tool when completed.