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File servers

I'm interested in how sluggers have configured their file servers (for
those of us who have 36xx's as file servers).  We've got a lot of data
on ours, and I'm wondering if other people out there are in the same
situation, or if we've got the biggest 36xx fileserver outside

Our vital statistics are: 3670, 4MW memory, no FPA/IFU, mag tape drive,
8 Fujitsu Eagles, for a total of 554,757 LMFS blocks, with about 72,000
that haven't been brought online yet (for rather esoteric reasons).  We
may or may not have a Versatec V80 printer/plotter (connected through a
Unibus interface and driven by our own software), depending on the day
of the week.

Thanks in advance for your replies,
	David Kaufman
	MIT RLE Speech Group